Title: UnknownA Thousand Times Good Night
Artist: UnknownAbel Korzeniowski
Album: UnknownRomeo & Juliet OST
Played: 13613 times

Title: UnknownWaking Up
Artist: UnknownExplosions in the Sky and Steve Jablonsky
Album: UnknownLone Survivor OST
Played: 23063 times

A note about our temporary hiatus.

Hey guys, just a heads up, requests are closed for right now while we’re on a sort of break for a little. We’ll let you know when they’re back open and take care of requests currently sitting in our inbox then as well. I’ll put a note on the sidebar when I’m not on mobile.

I’ll also go ahead with the giveaway after we get back & reach 1500 followers.

In the meantime, you’ll still see some reblogged tracks coming out of our queue, but we won’t be here making any posts of our own/requested tracks.

Sorry about all this - we’re just tied up right now.

- Beth

Title: UnknownTurpin Hero
Artist: UnknownJake Bugg
Album: UnknownTurpin Hero (From "Turn")
Played: 2631 times

fallingawayfromthenorm asked: I must confess that i just went through every single page of this blog, and I was not disappointed.

Aw, thank you! We appreciate the love! ๐Ÿ˜˜ We’re taking a bit of a short break right now besides stuff that’s in the queue, but there’s still tons of stuff we’ve posted in the past to enjoy!

- Beth

Title: UnknownOnly the Beginning of the Adventure
Artist: UnknownHarry Gregson-Williams
Album: UnknownThe Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack)
Played: 1437 times

Title: UnknownSwim to Island
Artist: UnknownAngelo Badalamenti
Album: UnknownThe Beach (Motion Picture Score)
Played: 128 times

Title: UnknownDefine Dancing
Artist: UnknownThomas Newman
Album: UnknownWall-E (Original Score)
Played: 250 times

Title: UnknownI'm Listening
Artist: UnknownJames Newton Howard
Album: UnknownI'm Legend (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Played: 86 times

Title: UnknownL'Abandon
Artist: UnknownAlexandre Desplat
Album: UnknownCoco Avant Chanel (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Played: 116 times